I am getting a better outlook on all areas of my life.

I was nervous and sceptical of the experience as I take time to trust people. It was totally different than I imagined and has changed my perspective a great deal.

It was deeply relaxing and allowed me to concept to my inner self.

Amazing experience!! My mind has been opened into new ways of thinking which will improve my work life and also my personal life. I now have more understanding of the link between my mind and body and will continue to work on this.

For me it’s given me focus and I have changed a lot in my life and work. I now meditate every night which I never did. I make sure I allow time for me and working on not feeling  guilty. I’m trying to turn things into positives and be kind to myself. To say I was sceptical to start with I love it! as a person who doesn’t relax it really has helped me to remember to breathe and remind me not to tense my body! I’m embarrassed now for revealing that but I’m pushing my comfort zone because actually it’s ok to be open.

I am so lucky to work for an inspirational organisation that is led by a brave maverick. Babs realised that it was difficult to take the stress away from our daily working life though she could support us to put strategies in place to help us cope with our stress. Sound bathing has been amazing and the meditation has enabled me to de stress when I am alone. I could not recommend the work Lou does highly enough’

I needed help with some of my self-destructive patterns. I am so glad I reached out to Louise for help. She has enabled me to find my true strength and purpose in life.

Louise lives and breathes what she believes. I have experienced a trauma that no family member should ever have to experience but Louise has been incredible. Ever since my SOS, she has been a constant source of strength and guidance on my healing journey. I can’t recommend her enough.

Marie-Louise’s beautifully gentle and warm professional manner encouraged me to find my own solutions. Working with her has been transformational for me and I now feel very positive and excited about life.