Welcome! My name is Marie-Louise Rolfe

My passion for helping others to turn their lives around began at around age 10 when my 8 year old cousin, who was dying from a brain tumour, came to live with our family during his dying year. I remember him losing his power of speech in is last months and wanting to  find ways to play with him.  The two of us managed to make a kite for him to fly in his last week of life. The smile on his face has never left me. He was so delighted to achieve this beautiful co-creation, to achieve something creative. Some years later, a close friend and room mate then passed suddenly of meningcococal septicaemia at University aged 19. He left this world feeling grateful for his life so far. He had been a mentor to his peers and his wisdom stays with me.  I have found these early experiences in particular have imprinted the belief and understanding of how resilient human nature is.  With the right support, anyone can find what their purpose is and begin making choices for a fulfilling way of living.  With over 25 years of experience of training and researching the Mind Body Connection and helping others to create positive change in their lives, I now focus my work in 2 directions, Transformation Coaching (transforming emotional blocks into living with ease) and Educational courses. As someone who has experienced my own traumas, losses and challenges in life and found ways through training and experience to manage, refocus my life direction, open up creative channels and embrace the challenges that life has presented, it feels only natural that I walk alongside others on their personal journey, creating personal change.

 Having worked in the City of London and Covent Garden as a Client Development Consultant, using behavioural and emotional intelligence psychometric tools help others manage and develop their ways of managing themselves and others; I funded my Counselling and Psychotherapy training, then set up my own practice as a BACP Registered Gestalt Psychotherapist and Transformation Coach. The awareness of challenges both at home and in business are very present to me and I love to help people realise their potential, whichever walk of life they are from. I continue to consult with CEO’s and Business Managers internationally, strategizing and goal setting when working through difficult projects where personalities around them may be challenging, helping them to work more effectively with others and finding new ways forward.  My main focus is helping others truly connect with themselves, which comes from looking within.  This is the only way to find a way forwards. I love using my skills to enable others to navigate their way through this process.

So, going deeply into the heart and soul of the matter, whether the challenge is deeply personal or goal orientated, finding a way forward is always at the forefront of my work.

Although I like to be very focussed in what I see in each of my clients, I always do this with empathy and understanding, no matter what the issue.

As well as talking therapy and as my work has developed, I like to work with the body intelligence too.  The mind body, soul connection can no longer be ignored and I am inspired by medical doctors who see the link between emotion and illness. This means that I help people to park their minds for a while, to give the body an opportunity to reveal how it is doing, see the old patterns release and enable healing to take place. This helps an individual to see their truth, which is often uncomfortable but in doing so, they are able to make decisions in their lives that are truly for them. I feel the soul is integral to this.

Let me walk along side you and help you find your way forward in your life so that you can heal your life and become who you really are.

I work with sound, animals, sand, art, gentle movement, meditation, visualisation as well as the Psychometric and traditional Mind Body Psychotherapeutic methods, including NLP, CBT, EFT and PSYCH-K. The influence of my studies over 20 years ago within Buddhist Meditation, Shiatsu and Reflexology influences the courses and workshops I love to run.

I am currently enjoying teaching group development workshops based upon Energy Alignment Methods, including sound therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, guided visualisation and dream work. Universal connection, thoughts and beliefs, emotional health, physical health, physical space and boundaries, relationships, lifestyle, wealth, soul purpose and ability to make an impact.  Each session is uniquely planned to include personal numerology, vision boards and group exercises, reinforcing personal empowerment and intention setting, resulting in life changes taking place and inspired people.

I also work with Chaos (Company Helping All Of Society) group and together, we have developed an Equine Model, inspired by LEAP and EAGALA where I have the pleasure of working with a herd of 16 horses, alongside my colleague Jess Strongman. Together we hold weekly sessions with individuals and groups for individuals and groups from all walks of life from those who work in an at risk environment to those who wish to develop themselves. The horses reflect back a behaviour pattern which can have a powerful effect on the individual, since this reflection is unique to each person. More information about the wonderful impact Chaos Group is having on society right now can be found at www.chaosgroupcornwall.co.uk

Here is a recent article showing how the mind body interventions increase resilience and therefore promotes better health.