Equine Therapy

In a nutshell, Equine Therapy enables people to analyse their situations, make connections and find their solutions through experiential exercises. Individuals and groups gain awareness into the traumatic experiences in their work and home life in order to move forwards. Working with horses allows them to gain insight into how to recognise when they are feeling the effects of events that have impacted them and to refocus themselves when returning to a traumatic scene and every day work.  During the sessions, people also gain knowledge of their own behavioural patterns and have the opportunity to find ways to adjust these patterns which would benefit them both individually as well as in a group environment having peer support. We work with individuals and groups to develop this new way of thinking.

The horses become a focal point in the analysis and focus driven personal discovery.  All areas of psychological challenge are worked with from anxiety, stress and depression through to boundary, self-confidence and anger management issues. The results are a greater sense of perspective and the ability to see the bigger picture.

The 2 models of Therapy which we are inspired by are EAGALA and LEAP which are both BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) endorsed