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Welcome! My name is Louise

As someone who has experienced her own traumas, losses and challenges in life and found ways through training and experience to manage, refocus life direction, open up communication channels and embrace the effects that life has presented, it is only natural that I share this knowledge with others.

Having worked in the city of London full time to fund my Counselling and Psychotherapy training, then set up my own practice, the awareness of challenges in business is very present to me too and I love to help people develop their business through their people.

So, going deeply into the heart of the matter whether the challenge is deeply personal or goal orientated, and finding a way forward is always at the forefront of my work.

Although I like to be very honest in what I see in each of my clients, I always do this with empathy and understanding, no matter what the issue.

Apart from talking therapy, I like to work with the body intelligence. This means that I help people to park their minds for a while, to give the body an opportunity to reveal how it is doing. This helps an individual to navigate their way forwards through connection of the mind and body.

Trauma releasing exercises, meditation, visualisation and sound therapy are amazing ways to help those who find it particularly hard to put their emotions into words. Let’s face it, we all have times when we just do not know why we are behaving in certain ways.

Let me walk along side you and help you find your way forward and heal.

I work with sound, animals, sand, art, TRE (trauma releasing exercises), meditation, visualisation as well as the Psychometric and traditional Psychotherapeutic methods. I am currently enjoying group development with sound therapy, meditation, breathing exercises and guided visualisation to evoke the true potential that lies within each unique person.

Recently, my husband and I have raised £12,000 for a 20 ft yurt, made by a local craftsman in Cornwall which we have now donated to CHAOS (company helping all of society) Group. A wonderful company based in Cornwall who I have been team building with a for a while now and who do some inspiring work.

Here is a recent article showing how the mind body interventions increase resilience and therefore promotes better health.